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Consulting to Manifest Your Success

We work with highly motivated people and help you move beyond the stuck to attract what you want from your career and life. Our programs are designed to fast forward you through sabotage of leadership into amazing confidence and self expressive performance. We use fast forward intuitive coaching and motivational consulting tools for guiding you to open up and manifest your next level of success.  Dr. Pam is a manifestation expert with years of experience coaching and consulting full expression of life purpose.

How Can We Help You?

Using specific manifestation strategies, developed by Dr. Pam Denton for breaking through limits and removing barriers, we guide you to lead from your authentic and powerful purpose. We know what it is like to be in the performance industry where struggle is the driving force, and we believe that manifesting through the intuitive pathway can set you free to access your success.

What is Your Result?

You will learn to move through self limiting beliefs and stuck patterns that hold you back. And you will step forward confidently to access and claim your destiny. Success is a belief system driven from the inside out and we will help you access its power.  Through an 8 Step mind-body system of guidance Pam and her team will teach you to connect with confidence, clarity and manifesting power. Leading you to accept and allow great opportunity to emerge.

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What Are Clients Saying

Leslie Smith, Life Coach

Before working with Pam, I was afraid to take up too much space- I didn't want to be seen as "authoritative" or "domineering". After her amazing program, I see my self as a heart-centered, compassionate leader.  I have tapped power and potential.

Joanne Bisesi, Trainer and Coach

Before Pam I was very private about my coaching and teaching. I did not see myself as a public speaker or a leadership trainer. After meeting Pam and working with her on Rise to the Top and many of her Mentor coaching workshops, I have reached beyond those limited beliefs and now see myself as a public speaker, writer and authentic voice for many individuals in our community. 

Marie Denny, Spiritual Guide and Healer

I did not see myself as a leader before taking Pam's program because I viewed leadership as a more aggressive dominating quality. Now I realize I AM a confident leader in a more gentle come along side of me way kind of way. More of a collaborative facilitator. 

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The Fast Forward to Opportunity

Our goal is to get you the results you desire for your performance career. We want you to fully open up and receive your passion, monetize your success and manifest greatness.

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